What my 6 year old daughter taught me…

Brandon Plavka
2 min readOct 20, 2022

Mom and I are struggling!

Her mom and I have been struggling with my daughter’s small behavior issues.

I think she is often doing them instinctively as a 6 year old.

At 6 years old, she took the initiative and used her solution with her mom and I individually.

There were separate situations this week when she was starting to get emotional and frustrated then in the middle of the situation, she said “I wish I could just reset.”

It caught me off-guard and I almost responded with a “No”, but fortunately I paused then really thought about the word “reset,” then responded with an enthusiastic “Yes.”

I asked her, “Where would you like to reset from?”, then she pinpointed where the situation started to go “sideways.” While catching up with her mom, both of us excitedly realized we were sharing the same experience (HA!) then talked about how amazing she is.

Personally and professionally, “reset”, what a great, valuable word.

It is the purest definition of “wiping the slate clean.”

Think of it like completing an online form with a “reset” button and cookies.

You are moving along, completing the form then notice an edit needing to be fixed. You click the “reset” button and voila (yes I know I didn’t include the pronunciation mark above the “a.” Just wanted to get ahead of the internet trolls out there.). Now, you click back into the first field and your browser gives you a pop-up window suggesting your previous answer.

In the situation with my daughter and others, it gives you an opportunity to think, “Well, I have a brain, so I likely can’t truly forget the event, but I can remember useful parts…choosing to use them or not. Wipe out all the emotion, all the “I shouldn’t have done that” and “RESET” then take a breath.

A kudos to an amazing little girl and always be learning!

Brandon Plavka

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